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For Leaders & Founders who want to work less, be more productive 

& develop opportunities

for growth.


If any of this sounds familiar,

give me a call.

Do you ever feel...
  • Out of time, ideas and energy to develop yourself, those around you or your business?

  • That other’s priorities are running your schedule?

  • That you no longer feel motivated?

  • You dread going to work or the office?

  • You’re running fast and getting nowhere?

  • That saying yes more than you say no is making things worse, but you cant stop?

  • You can’t face another problem, challenge or crisis?

  • This is not how it was supposed to be?

  • Life is now indistinguishable from work?

  • How did it get to this?

Tune in to the maverick mindset Podcast


Can you truly be authentic, different and unconventional and succeed at life, work and leadership?
As a ginger, punk-inspired Maverick, I’ve had a blast doing all three.
Having recently given up my corporate career, I’ve founded two businesses, I am coaching leaders and mentoring young founders, as well as helping everyone connect with their own best skillset. 

I am learning even more about life and work in the 2020s.
So, if you’ve ever wanted to be different and didn’t know where to start, join me here for regular musings on a podcast, with attitude:  “What Makes a Maverick”


'Carol's coaching gives you the power and belief in yourself to make positive change. I was able to think differently and can now change my thinking if external challenges feel overwhelming or negative. I work less, am more productive and use my time more wisely. I feel more in control and able to tackle new challenges. Since undertaking coaching with Carol I have expanded my business and took two weeks holiday for the first time in seven years!'

Pauline Smith



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