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Great coaching is

all about you.

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Jason Goldberg, Coach and #1 International Bestselling Author


carol works with Senior and Emerging Leaders, Founders and boards to connect with their Maverick mindset to become world-class leaders who:

  • Generate limitless options and ideas for themselves and their team;

  • Harness their uniqueness to create an “edge”;

  • Become ultra-decisive and effective with resources;

  • Build grit and determination;

  • Use fun and laughter to motivate;

  • Create a strong learning and mastery culture.

How carol does this 

Transformative Executive Coaching and Mentoring supports Leaders and Business Owners in achieving results, important to their personal and business goals and long-term success of their organization.  

Sessions are carried out as co-creation conversations.  Carol assumes that you are the expert on your own career, experience and organisation. 

Carol's role as a coach is to draw out your expertise through inquiry, curiousity and gentle challenges.  

She helps you to stretch into “your best self.” 

To do this, she may introduce self-observation exercises and behavioural practices. 

Carol is always attentive to your physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual state.  

She helps you to focus on your presence and behaviours and may also address personal issues or life conditions that impact your professional effectiveness. 


The relationship between Carol and her clients is a non- judgemental partnership built on trust, openness, transparency, honesty and  confidentiality.


By investing in and committing to the process, your needs, goals and objectives are paramount.

Resulting in transformational improvement in mindset, performance, achievement and personal development that will be noticeable and measurable.

Ultimately sustained long term effectiveness based on increased capacity to achieve results through improved personal productivity, thinking differently and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

There is no end or limitation, nor are there boundaries to the human mind.
- Syd Banks

Executive and Leadership coaching is an intensive, client centric, bespoke relationship and works best if client and coach chemistry fits. 

What does this mean? 

Carol needs to collectively understand the client's basis for seeking coaching and commitment to the process.

Is the client open to change? 

Does the coach believe that the level of desired change is possible given the client starting point? 

Are other non-work-related factors inhibiting the client's potential to achieve sustainable change transformation. 

The best starting point is an initial chat. 

How Coaching helps:

  • Gives you personal 'safe space' to unload 

  • Lets you leave the day-to-day 'baggage' at the door 

  • Allows you to check your thinking with an objected trusted non-judgemental listener 

  • Gives yourself permission to change your priorities 

  • Lets you take a long term view 

  • Reconnects you with your superpowers and best skills set - adapted for today 

  • Creates an inspiring view of the future that motivates you

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