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Mentoring is a 2 way process for gaining confidence, clarity and skills, both for Owners and Leaders or to enable business growth, re-engineering and future proofing.


Owning, leading or setting up a business is never easy. In a rapidly changing, dynamic and tech driven world its even more difficult, and even more rewarding when it works.

The range of knowledge, skills and experience needed in 2020's business means that Owners and Leaders need
to keep growing, adapting and adding to their skillset. Working collaboratively with Carol, a Board level
Mentor, Intrapreneur and Business owner, with wide “range”, across 19 sectors, can quickly equip you with
new skills, ideas and confidence – especially in areas where you freely admit you are “weak”.


None of us have to be an expert today. We do need to understand the key metrics in our businesses, our people, our customers changing needs and the opportunities that turbulent markets and change are delivering, fast. We also need to be ready, willing and able to move decisively.

Carol is a European Mentoring and Coaching Council Accredited Senior Practitioner, and clients not only benefit from the high professional standards this ensures, but also their “Code of Ethics” which governs conduct, confidentiality and performance of any mentoring contract.

How Carol delivers this :

Senior level mentorship is bespoke.

For owners, their needs and those of the business are usually inexorably linked.
Separating them and working on both, is a good starting point.

For leaders, its usually about helping build emerging skills and develop approaches for areas of weakness. Gaining complete clarity on the issues to be addressed, any barriers and customer insights comes next. Identifying “what good looks like” for the future and then carrying out a “gap analysis” and developing an action plan, with key milestones and deadlines. This is backed by a plan to effectively communicate.


Alongside this, Carol works on strengthening the client's skillset in emerging areas of opportunity. Other team members can then be coached or mentored to support the client in delivering this change and creating a culture to sustain this.

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. 
- John Crosby

How Mentoring develops Owners, Leaders and Businesses: 

  • Rapidly identifies problems, challenges and obstacles and ways to address and regain personal and business equilibrium.

  • Equips client with skill gaps or “workarounds” to ensure key aspects of their approach are in line with business needs.

  • Shares best practice in areas of weakness and supports client to embrace.

  • Supports client in developing vision for the future and plan to achieve.

  • Supports client to deliver action for change.

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