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Women speak because they wish to speak according

to Jean Kerr. Carol speaks because she has a wish to

maximise her positive impact by sharing skills,

stories and the benefits of thinking different as a

Maverick Intrapreneur, Leader and Coach.


Can you truly be authentic, different and

unconventional and succeed at life, work and



As a ginger, punk-inspired Maverick, I’ve had a blast doing all 3.

Having recently given up my corporate career, founded two businesses, and coaching Leaders and mentoring young Founders, I am learning even more about life and work in the 2020s.

During the global pandemic I established a podcast, YouTube channel and built activity across other social media platforms - sharing thoughts, actions and tips that Mavericks, who "think different", use to create opportunity, optimism and momentum from challenge, crisis and change.


Since her 20s, Carol has held board level roles, often in male populated industries and sectors, including:

  • Halfords – General Manager of Halfords Automotive Business 

  • Boots – Business General Manager

  • Shoprite – Trading and Distribution Director

  • TT Races – Promoter and CEO of Organiser

  • Isle of Man Enterprises– Head of IT

  • Village Walk – Commercial Property Director


She is a proud Maverick thinker and leader and today makes “Mavericks” with the skillset for the 2020s:


  • Think differently to change your world;

  • Celebrate your authenticity and misfit ways to stand out, perform and stay true to yourself;

  • How to develop attitude and mindset that   can overcome all challenges and grasp opportunities, maximise learning and take you to the top;

  • Be decisive, organised and productive to free up time for “the fun stuff”;

  • Automate Grit, Determination, Persistence, Adaptability, Flexibility, Enthusiasm to overcome challenge and land opportunity;

  • Connect with Flow, Mastery and Superpowers to perform at your best.


How Carol delivers this:


Carol loves people – especially what she describes as “the interestingness of people”.


Whilst she is a big chatterer and talker herself, most of all she loves engaging with others, sharing stories and her own learnings.


Her style is fun, engaging and Maverick.


She does not believe in talking at audiences, groups or workshops.


Key to her is to resonate with her audience, involve them and speak to each attendee personally.


She has spoken throughout her career, across the world to audiences, from small groups of senior politicians to thousands in the city of London, and across the world.


Key to her is positive impact – helping  others connect with their best skillset and achieve their dreams.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
- Howard Thurman

When Carol speaks, she creates impact through

  • Insightful content

  • Breadth of experiences

  • Fun, Enthusiastic and relatable delivery

  • “Walking the Walk”

  • Stories of high level female achievement

  • Building empathy and rapport one audience member at a time

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