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making a maverick - carol glover podcast

Tune in to the maverick mindset Podcast

Can you truly be authentic, different and unconventional and succeed at life, work and leadership?
As a ginger, punk-inspired Maverick, I’ve had a blast doing all three.
Having recently given up my corporate career, I’ve founded two businesses, I am coaching leaders and mentoring young founders, as well as helping everyone connect with their own best skillset., 

I am learning even more about life and work in the 2020s.
So, if you’ve ever wanted to be different and didn’t know where to start, join me here for regular musings on a podcast, with attitude:  “What makes a Maverick".

Shed Talks 

Fridays at 5.30pm on QuingTV, Carol hosts, 'SHED Talks'

Thinking That’s Different


Clients call it the Shed.

I have learnt much there from a range of amazing clients about how people think, deal with difficulty, suffer from overwork, juggle to balance work and life, can't understand where their dream went. How to cope with threats from current scenarios. 

I have also been delighted by the transformation that so many make, into positive , proactive, forward-thinking, determined Leaders.

And of course, how easily it can happen when they are ready for it and find a "safe place" to try new thinking, connect with their superpowers and reignite their motivation.

It’s a very magical shed.

A way to help you all think differently about: 

- What's going on at present 

- What your future may hold 

- How you can prepare for it 

Carol chats to guests to share their answers to these three questions and talk about their own special take on personal growth. 🔨 

Each week we nail a topic that is hot in your mind currently. 

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