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You’re a smart, high-performing CEO, Board Member, Business Owner or aspiring Leader, who is finding it hard going or knows that they have “hit a wall”.

You instinctively know you can’t work any harder, don’t see enough of your family, and may have lost objectivity about work and life.

You’ve lost sight of what’s possible for you or your business because you are too busy, feel overworked and “no-one understands”.

It feels like there is no-one to delegate to, even though you are surrounded by people. 

You feel you are letting down your employees and family time is being restricted, you are tired and regularly falling asleep on the couch.

Sound familiar?

If only there were someone, you could trust to talk this through with. Someone to voice your deepest business, professional and leadership concerns to, that’s independent, allows you safe “me space” to think, speak out and develop your thinking.

You crave more time, more energy and motivation – yet what you may need is to think differently, organise yourself and your people differently and re-connect with the purpose and passion within for why you chose this path in the first place.

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Leaders, Founders, Business Owners, Boards and teams who need help to:


  • Re-ignite their passion for what they do;

  • Become more agile in thinking, leading and delivering;

  • Create time to invest in developing themselves and their team;

  • Work “on” their business not “in” their business;

  • Redress their balance between work, life and family.

If you feel instinctively that it isn’t meant to be like this, that you can’t work any harder, yet you have a responsibility to employees, family and yourself that is creating pressure, that is making you unhappy, demotivated, and overwhelmed, .

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Initially by restoring work/life balance, perspective and taking lead you will feel lighter, more positive and have more time to produce better quality work, motivate those around you and spend more time with family and friends.

This will gain momentum through growing self-belief, confidence and optimism.

You will be under less operational and tactical pressure, allowing you to consider objectively, enjoy what you do again, invest time in developing yourself, your team and your business, in a relaxed, fun way.

By now you will have re-connected with your best skillset to play “full-on” and find out just what is possible.

Most of all, you will get your passion back for your company, your role and your life.

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