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Carol Glover, a successful Maverick leader herself, helps clients understand why it matters to think different, be different and act different.


She is iLM level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor qualified.


As a Senior Practitioner Coach and Mentor with European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the highest standards of coaching, professional ethics and confidentiality are assured.


Co-creation sessions with clients deliver lasting personal, business, organisational and cultural transformation through mindset shift and growth, increased confidence and self-belief. Improving balance in work, life and family are at the heart of her approach.


Through her superpower “enthusiasm”, sense of fun and passion for people, the process is enjoyable, sometimes challenging, always supportive and clients leave old behaviours and thoughts behind, for good.

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Carol loves “different”.

She also loves thinking, being, and learning like a Maverick, accessing her extreme growth mindset.

Her passion is to help others astound themselves.  

This is infectious.

Her coaching style is unconventional.

Clients often describe it as “being like magic”.

They also regularly send their leaders, teams and boards to experience it too.

2020's leaders need different thinking, adaptability, strong emotional intelligence and empathetic communication skills.

So called “soft skills” that are really human “superpowers”.

Which is why so many Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers and Professionals have joined Founders, Leaders and emerging Leaders as current clients.

Carol’s career as a CEO, Board Member and generalist leader in a range of dynamic, forward-looking organisations, sectors and roles, means she already “wears the shoes” of so many of her clients.

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Carol recently did a podcast episode with Sharon Sutton from Island Influencers where she discussed what brought her to where she is today. You can check out the episode here: 

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